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Understanding the dynamic nature of your audience preference, keep a track of some effective content marketing hacks to stay on the top and create a big impact.

Get ready to adapt rapidly to the dramatic changes in the field. Content has turned out to be the most efficient and cost effective tool for conversions rather than creating brand awareness. Keep your content most engaging, crisp, and clear for enhancing the traffic and driving sales. We discuss 7 promising content marketing strategies to keep your website at the top, stunning and dynamic .

Systematic Content Development

Traditional way of developing content with valuable information have paved the way to content marketing strategies which focuses on sales specific information. It emphasizes on the value, to those who consume the products and services.

A compelling ‘Call to Action’ that demands response from the target audience is a key feature of a good content marketing strategy. Develop your contents systematically, adhering to the following tips.

The technique involves are:

  • Find a link worthy content
  • Develop a better content
  • Share what you have developed

These techniques can turn content into high-quality backlinks and drives more web traffic.

Develop outstanding contents

Due to the heavy competition and easy availability of blogs, extra care has to be given to deliver only remarkable blogs. Cyberspace has become overcrowded with a plethora of contents. Inorder to grab a rapid attention, it has become imperative to come up only with outstanding contents.

How can you do that?

  • Research well
  • Write structured blogs
  • Stick on to the topic
  • Write from a user-benefit point of view
  • Magnetic headline
  • Be Crisp and straight, to the point
  • Aim for a sharp hitting

As the Search Engine ranking system is of a dynamic nature, the results you have achieved cannot last for long. So do update your most popular blogs regularly to stay back at the attained top positions. Google always prefers recent and updated blogs to old and steady content.

How to update?

  • Ensure all the links are working
  • Update all the images and screenshots which look outdated
  • Fresh up the examples you use
  • Break up systematically with headings and subheadings
  • Ensure all the facts are still updated
  • Rework on your introduction and conclusion
  • Include more general information

You might not have taken it seriously yet, optimizing your content for a voice search. But, be surprised to know the voice search has become very popular and a lot of people use it on a regular basis. It is expected that half of the online searches will be voice searches by 2020.

  • Optimize at least some of the content for voice search
  • Shape up the content that Voice assistants recommend

Include different types of content

Include different types of content like

  • Blogs
  • Social media content
  • Email marketing
  • Podcasting
  • Marketing videos, and a lot more

Take enough care to present different types of contents for different types of the audience along with a multi channel presence. Video contents one of the most wanted type of content these days. 100 million hours of video are reported on Facebook every day and people watch around 5 billion videos on YouTube!

Test your headlines

A/B test your headlines to ensure they stand out among the crowd. Discover some top tips to come up with catchy headlines.

  • Number your headlines
  • Compose headlines with 12-18 words ( most accepted)
  • Try to put it up with a number, adjective, along with the promise
  • The keywords why and how also grabs a lot of attention

Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Integration of AI and content marketing will make heavy impacts over the coming years. AI can support content marketing with

  • Machine learning and analytics
  • AI can gather and interpret huge data, minimizing manual work
  • It helps to develop better content strategies
  • Bespoke contents for the audience segments

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