Google AdWords

Our experts excel at Google ads campaigns, creating custom-built ads strategies through constant research and improvements to ensure the best possible ROI.

Google AdWords

About Google AdWords

Pay-Per-Click advertising has different forms. Google Adwords is the popular type of PPC advertising used in online advertising. Your advertisement is displayed on relevant search results of the host, you are charged with a CPC fee every time a user clicks on the ad. Users who click on your ad are directed to perform a desirable action.

In this constantly evolving platform, Graffiti9 Digital Agency thrives to give the best possible return on investment for our clients. Our experts focus on every aspect, from choosing the right keywords to keep spending the budget under control.

Client Benefits

Faster Results

Google Adwords marketing works much faster than Search Engine Optimization.

Lift Brand Awareness

Google Adwords is an efficient way to tell people about your brand.

Control on Budget

Performance can be measured consistently, so you can control the budget you spend.

Maximize ROI

Ads generate more leads and revenue. Product selling online increases the ROI

New, Profitable Markets

Helps to expand the business to new, profit- making markets

More Traffic to Website

Google Adwords advertising bring more traffic to your website

Our Google AdWords Services

We offer the following Google Adwords services to help you achieve business sales goals.

  • Expert planning and execution of bespoke business strategies
  • Industry competitor analysis
  • Google Ad creation & optimization
  • ROI measurement and scalability
  • Extensive keyword discovery
  • Campaign tracking, monitoring, and progress reporting
  • Advanced campaign consulting

Our Specialties

Promising Approach

We listen to you first. After gaining a deep understanding of the business, promising, tailor-made, conversion based strategies are developed and implemented.

Work Directly with Our AdwordsTeam

The client can work directly with our team, without an account manager in between. We make you happy with a quicker and transparent communication directly from the Google Adwords team.

Targeting Realistic Goals

Our Adwords experts set up realistic goals, completely customized according to your business requirements and budget.


Not every client is charged uniquely. Our service charge is based on the responsibilities entrusted by the client on us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Adwords is the most common pay-per-click advertising. Using certain keyword combinations, your website is placed at the top of the search results. When a user clicks on the add, you are charged with a cost-per-click fee.

Google Adwords make the prospect click on the add and make him irresistible to take any further desirable business action- contacting, purchasing, or subscribing to a blog.

We do not work with template strategies and no general cost structure can be shared. Every project is personalized as per the business requirement and cost depends on a lot of technical factors like the target market, the popularity of the keyword, etc. Feel free to have a discussion to have an idea on the exact cost.

Our Clients & Their Experience with us

Graffiti9 timely accomplished marketing responsibility of increasing the number of admissions at all 16 centers of Manjoorans and successfully hit 283 new admissions in just 3 months admission campaign. Their expertise has helped to grow the overall business of Manjoorans in the form of conversions, higher SEO rankings and increased online visibility.

Mr. Babu Manjooran
CEO, Manjoorans Group of Institutions

More Reasons to Work with Us


We have worked for B2B companies from start ups to established organizations.


We are experts to run cost effective campaigns, saving countless budget in untapped revenue.

Customer Retention rate

Proud to mention - majority of our customers stay with us, and retain us as their service provider in the future.

Extensive digital marketing services

Apart from Google Adwords, we are a conversion based digital marketing agency with proven work records.

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Digital Marketing trends are changing day by day and new practices replace the old ones. So, we introduce a free guidance session for Business owners and Marketers. Get timely updates and know what is in line with Digital Marketing, at present.

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