ECR Aviation College

ECR is India’s biggest aviation college and they introduced the first university approved aviation course. The college is known mainly for its campus and placements with core airlines. The aviation sector offers some of the more prestigious and glamorous jobs in the country and the college offer a bevy of courses for those inclined towards the aviation industry.

Mr. Madhu T. Bhaskar

Director, ECR Group of Institutions

We appointed Graffiti9 Digital Agency, to fill our vacant seats by running an admission campaign. Graffiti9 met the marketing goals consistently and served us with 124 new admissions by a 6 months admission campaign. The agency’s expertise has helped to grow our overall business. These guys really do what they preach.

Mr. Madhu T. Bhaskar
Director, ECR Group of Institutions

Case Study - ECR Aviation College

ECR aviation college offers various aviation courses in the professional education sector. They requested our service to increase the admissions and fill the vacant seats.

Before our entry, only 140 seats were filled. Our 6 months admission campaign resulted in 124 new admissions with fairly good conversion rate. We increased online traffic, inquiries, and admissions at every course. Apart from the key client requirement, their cost per conversion was drastically reduced.

Client Goal

The responsibility we undertake for ECR was to fill their seats which are vacant. The key challenges were the unawareness of the offered courses and its wide opportunities among the target audience and influencers. Being the online marketing agency of ECR, we focused on educating the target audience through engaging and informative content delivery and content marketing.

"ECR is the biggest aviation college in India― They have a strong offline marketing team also―But they approached us for digital marketing service since a majority of seats were vacant and the marketing cost they spent for direct marketing was huge. Graffiti9 undertake the full responsibility of admission filling―and fulfill the goal with 124 new admissions."

Our Strategy

Our marketing and strategy team unitedly developed a customized digital solution to open a new lucrative market for ECR. We find out markets where aviation courses are on high demand, content marketing played the key role here. We effectively set up conversion rate optimization which resulted in quick and cost-effective conversions.

Campaign Results

ECR Aviation College consistently experienced a significant increase in the number of admissions with the same consistency in their revenue. They also get exposure in the form of organic search with a noticeable decrease in the cost per lead. To summarize the results,

  • Campaign Duration: 6 Months
  • New Online Admissions: 124
  • New Sales Qualified Leads: 1200
  • Conversion rate: 10%

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