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Let words create magic in marketing your business. Our experienced copywriters exactly know how to promote your business using content as a strategy.

Why Content Marketing Is Important?

Content Marketing is an effective way to build communities, encourage conversion through engagement and increase rankings. Sharing high-quality, relevant and problem-solving information with your users will definitely fulfill your business objectives. Sharing content n a regular basis is important for any online business as it affects consumer behavior leading to increased interaction between the brand & consumer and boosting sales.

Benefits of Content Marketing

More on-site content

More content on your site means your customers will have more reasons to stick to your website, become familiar with your brand, and gain more trust, leading to higher conversion rates.

Higher visibility over search engines

Having more quality pages indexed can increase the chances to rank for more search queries.

Higher domain authority

High quality content increases the authority, relevance, and trust of your site resulting high domain authority of the website.

More referral traffic

When you contribute to guest post publication, you will have the opportunity to link back to your site. Doing so on a relevant, authoritative site with high traffic could help you earn thousands of new visitors.

More social traffic

Sharing content on your social media platforms for increased exposure will help you reach more readers. These readers might convert into your followers and even buyers.

Increased conversion potential

By engaging customer through content, you can easy pitch for your products or services once you gain their confidence. If done discreetly, you can easily increase the number of conversions you get.

Improved brand reputation

If people find what they think helpful, informative, or enlightening, they will consider more highly of your brand and perceive of you as a reliable, established thought leader in the industry.

Discuss Your Project

Do you have ideas? We can turn them into reality. Discuss your project ideas and let us assist you!

Content Marketing Services



Blogging is an important content marketing component without which no business can think to reach on the top of SERPs. We believe that regular blogging can make a difference to your business success.


Video Content Creation

Videos are important for business promotion and content used in promotion has to be marketing friendly, short & crisp. We help you in video creating by providing you content for the same.


White Papers & Case Studies Writing

We know the significance of White Papers & Case Studies Writing and the right format & strategy to create them.


Infographics content

Our copywriters are experienced in expressing your business ideas in short meaningful words by creating infographics.


eBooks Writing

Those who have to discuss their business ideas, services or products in detail, we help them through business eBook writing.


Social Media Posts

We assist businesses engage with their audiences on social platform by creating and posting social posts regularly.

Why Choose us?

Graffiti9 is ideal to become your content marketing partner has we have more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing & know the exact role of each type of content in any business success. We are different from others as:

  • We have specialized knowledge and experience in content marketing.
  • We provide more communication as compared to what larger agencies provide.
  • We give strategic partnership and guidance for potential opportunities to nurture your brand.
  • We perform all activities in-house and do not outsource to a third party.
  • We practice what we preach and use our expertise to grow your business.

Find Out What Our Clients
Have to Say About Us

Graffiti9 timely accomplished marketing responsibility of increasing the number of admissions at all 16 centers of Manjoorans and successfully hit 283 new admissions in just 3 months admission campaign. Their expertise has helped to grow the overall business of Manjoorans in the form of conversions, higher SEO rankings and increased online visibility.

Mr. Babu Manjooran
CEO, Manjoorans Group of Institutions

Graffiti9 has been key in helping us to generate more business across digital channels. They provided us with forward thinking and growth impacting marketing support. As the competitors push increases, we were newly trying digital marketing and Graffiti9 is an important force that guided our marketing. We plan to retain their service for long.

Mrs. Elizabeth John an
Life Care Counselling Centre

We appointed Graffiti9 Digital Agency, to fill our vacant seats by running an admission campaign. Graffiti9 met the marketing goals consistently and served us with 124 new admissions by a 6 months admission campaign. The agency’s expertise has helped to grow our overall business. These guys really do what they preach.

Mr. Madhu T. Bhaskar
Director, ECR Group of Institutions


Discuss Your Project

Do you have ideas? We can turn them into reality. Discuss your project ideas and let us assist you!


What Kind Of Content Needs To Be Created?

Always think about the types of content that your users like to search for. Blog posts, white papers, ebooks, infographics, presentations, videos, surveys are some of the easily found content. Make sure that the content your produce is useful to your customers.

Do I Need To Have A Big Budget To Apply Inbound Marketing?

There are so any factors that determine the budget to implement an Inbound Marketing strategy. At Graffiti9, we can customize the strategy to suit your budget. We would suggest you to meet us or call us so that we can assess your current digital landscape, and discuss your marketing budget and allocation.

What tools are used in an inbound marketing campaign?

Social media profiles, email lists, blogs/webpages, website analytics tracking, search engine optimization, ebooks, call-to-action graphics and landing pages.

How quickly will I see results?

There is no set answer to this question because there are multiple deciding factors such as industry type, website performance, content uploading frequency and many more factors. You can also use paid advertising like Google AdWords to help build traffic in the short term.

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