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Increase, maintain, and bolster your business campaign results with these top tips to stay adapted to the dynamic nature of PPC advertising. Have a discerning eye towards the environment shift to reassess your strategies and stay ahead of the competition curve.

Audience rise, setting aside the keywords

Audient’s intent is being prioritized to the keywords to meet the expectation of the audience rather than listing the ads.

“The key to success in 2019 and beyond will be to create a detailed strategy of the various audience types and audiences lists and how you can layer them (with positive and negative bid types) to shape your paid search strategy.”

Christi Olson, Head of Evangelism for Search, Microsoft.

Some effective tips to stay adhered to the user intent is,

  • Spent more time to create and optimize customer segments
  • Draft relevant and more personalized ads
  • Stick on to developing comprehensive funnel strategies

However, in no way, the importance of keywords can go out of the frame. Framing a PPC approach featured by the layering of keyword strategies and audience targeting has become imperative for the best outcomes. Paid search audience targeting is a comprehensive solution to both keyword issues and audience issues.

Call To Actions

2019 is going to witness a smarter call to action strategy. Implementing CTA will come out of its traditional patterns to grab more conversions.

Stick on to the following tips while you finalize your call to action.

  • Go for well-crafted Call to Action
  • Include an action/emotion
  • Pierce into the sub-conscious mind of the customer
  • Be short and crisp
  • Follow a direct and instructive
  • Shape it towards your business goals

Mobile PPC

Mobile PPC has become an essential component of PPC during this digital era. The smartphone users are consistently shooting up for the past few years and this ensures the larger search volume with small screen devices.

Stick on to

  • Mobile friendly websites
  • Mobile optimized landing pages
  • Smartphone user targeted purchase process
  • Optimize PPC for the progressively increasing mobile audience
  • Implement mobile speed optimization techniques for user engagement
  • Do the testing to ensure and multiply the results


Remarketing, based on some key factors is going to be one of the potent trends in PPC 2019. Remarketing opens up the possibilities of reaching the visitors who did not make any impact on your website. Make the most use of this Google feature to increase revenue.

  • Displays targeted Ads to past visitors while they browse the web or watch YouTube videos
  • Remarketing keep your brand at the top of the mind influencing visitors to come back
  • Add a pice of remarketing code to existing google adverts
  • You can customize the code to different pages of your choice
  • Display your ads to users when they browse through the wide network of Google partner sites
  • Lower your cost per click as you target a narrowed stream of audience
  • Stay connected with your target audience even if they leave your site
  • Increased brand exposure
  • Build up the trust

Omnichannel strategies are essential

Multichannel advertising is advertising across multiple channels whereas omnichannel ensures a continuous and evolving multichannel marketing experience.

Omnichannel strategies can,

  • Reach the prospect again and again through different channels
  • Push the visitors through the marketing funnel more effectively
  • Omnichannel strategies can be implemented in many variations, with a final output to provide an integrated, uninterrupted user experience.

Analyze your multichannel and start working to integrate them in combination with special offers or content offerings to push the customers down the funnel from every stage of their interaction with your business.

Consider these emerging PPC trends into consideration and start implementing those which goes hand in hand with your brand. Do a thorough study of your business features and these PPC trends to choose the best fit for your business. Be future ready!

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