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Video marketing has gained massive acceptance and has become very much affordable these days. Video marketing when professionally implemented has proven to deliver mesmerizing advertising miracles at economical rates.

Be creative to the core and grab millions of views from your ready to convert prospects. Being a visual based mode of advertising, video marketing can enhance sales as they push the prospects to act soon and think less!

Jaw dropping analytics reports prove that YouTube is the second search engine and millions of videos are watched every hour!

Optimize the marketing videos to specific needs and blend them with your inbound marketing strategies to create a big bang.

Integrate videos to social marketing

Most of the visitors prefer listening videos to reading the content.

Potential buyers would love to spend time with informative and appealing videos rather than talking to salespeople. Optimized short videos have proven to create huge impacts with various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

Spending significantly on video marketing is trending internationally, upon recognition of the exponential increase in expected outcomes. Be reachable to a wide network of consistent users through integrating videos to social marketing at affordable rates. Blend an entertainment factor with the marketing videos to encourage social shares.

Some effective tips for marketing videos:

  • Make it short
  • Include captions
  • Convey the key messages initially
  • Keep it simple and digestible

Integrate Videos with your Blogs

It is an established fact that visual contents are processed faster by the human brain.

You will certainly miss a wide pool of potential audience on eliminating videos in your business marketing strategies. Everyone is interested to listen to videos than reading and comprehending a blog. Keep your blogs more engaging by blending it with informative, appealing, and entertaining videos. Incorporating relevant images with a gist of your blog content is also a great idea to stay on top of the minds.

Develop interesting blogs and complement them with optimized, short, and appealing videos. Include videos on,

  • Your products and services
  • Company culture
  • Client testimonials
  • Interviews
  • Webinars, and a lot more!

Mobile Videos

According to the very quoted report from Cisco “by 2019, consumer internet video traffic will be 80% of all internet traffic across the world.” Video marketing has revolutionized the way a business reach and connects with its potential customers. Video has expanded to all possible formats like live videos, recorded videos, temporary videos, etc.

Thus, they gradually evolve to take up a greater part of marketing and will be a core format for mobile users. With the invent of technology, it has become much easier to create and distribute videos without a big video production house.

Videos have endless possibilities as a training tool as well (think about the advantages of a recorded video when compared to attending a live session). Make the most out of it to create the best impact on your products and services. Analytics show that mobile video consumption reaches 100% every year. As smartphone users are growing, video audience also gets bigger day by day.

Google likes Videos

Videos make visitors spend more time on your website. So, videos ensure customer engagement and convey search engine that the website has quality content.

Enhance the possibilities of higher Google rankings when you embed videos to your website.

It is highly important to optimize videos with keywords and SEO for the best outcomes. Place your keywords in the video titles and descriptions. Make sure your videos have some good values to the customer, be it educational, or entertaining.

Video marketing can explain anything, break the boundaries of the most common communication gap, and can engage even the lazy buyers. Most of the product based websites embed explainer videos on their home page. Animation videos can give life to concepts and make your ideas crystal clear. Sick on to an impressive storyline to build trust and experience the improvement conversions, sales, and ROI! Out of the many concepts, we have discussed a few to help you strengthen your inbound marketing strategies.