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Content Marketing is an inbound marketing strategy that supports you to attract, engage, and delight the prospects and customers through the delivery of quality content.

Quality content ensures value to the visitors with an intelligently designed VPA (Value Proposition Area). It is meant to provide accurate, relevant, and helpful information to people at no cost as well as to create brand awareness. The marketing tactic has proved extremely powerful, highly practical, and very useful to create a huge impact and ensure a far better reach and customer engagement.

Over a period of time, people feel disturbed with the cluttered advertisements and hence, adhere to a gentler way of promoting your products and services. Empower your customers with the most valuable information and give them the freedom to choose.

Content marketing is often misunderstood as stuffing a variety of online contents like blogs, social media posts, or articles. But in reality, it is a longterm strategy which utilizes a variety of content to build a stronger relationship with the audience, grab their attention, improve engagement, and brand recall.

Some of the key features of valuable content include,

  • Be straight
  • Follow a storyline
  • Discuss common customer concerns
  • Discuss effective solutions
  • Share the best quality external sources

Let us peep into some of the key benefits of content marketing which will help you to have a fair idea of its role in transforming online businesses.

Pushes conversions and improves SEO

Content marketing is a budget-friendly, long term business strategy that helps to improve conversions as well as Search Engine Rankings. Analytics studies show that companies focusing on content marketing stay 6 times higher than their competitors who do not pay much attention to content marketing. The significant investment of time, money, and resources pay off gradually through a consistent increase in conversion rates and hence the SEO.

Promote without selling

Making the visitor capable enough to handle information and take the right decision is a key feature which differentiates content marketing from traditional marketing. Make the customer keen to hear from you. They are no more interested in your promotion blasts. Apart from your significant values, give the visitors more reasons to pay attention to your business.

Moves the visitors through the marketing funnel

Content marketing increases the chances of revisits to the website which drastically reduces the bounce rates. It also opens the doors to more information about the company for the visitors. Data analytics show that around 53% of the consumers revisit the company website, 50% research on the company’s products and services, and around 40% purchase the products/services.

Content marketing can effectively push visitors to the subsequent stages of a marketing funnel and take action. Include product descriptions, testimonials, explainer videos, and case studies to convince the prospects.

Benefits both business and the consumer

Content marketing is completely beneficial as it mutually benefits the business and the consumer. This will help you to build better trust and great brand awareness. Through effective content marketing strategies implemented, the businesses become more transparent and deliver only high-quality content. It can also transition visitors through the marketing funnel with a greater level of conversions and customer engagement which in turn leads to a better Search Engine Ranking.

Position yourself as an industry expert

It is critical to position yourself as an industry expert to outshine the fierce competition in the market. Quality content helps you to stay authentic and gain an upper hand among the competitors. Consumers are always in search of industry experts to better understand their needs and find out perfect solutions.

Make it shareable

Improve your online visibility and consumer reach through the shareable quality content. Getting your content shared, be it a social media post, or an email or a blog, the visibility and the reach are improved!

Be ready to experience the change in your online business with effective content marketing strategies. Be patient to see the results and get ready to deliver valuable content, systematically to improve your ROI. There are a lot of other benefits out of which only the important ones are mentioned here.

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Marketing content is defined as “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

We have published a blog on “How content marketing helps to transform your online business”. Now, we are to discuss how content marketing can be leveraged to build a huge audience for your online business. We pick up a few practical insights about content marketing to help out the people around.

Integrate the content team to the marketing team

Quality content which is valuable to the visitors is the primary requirement to build a massive audience. The content team can work out wonders only if they are properly integrated into the marketing team, strategic tram, and technical team to develop a full-fledged and streamlined content for the visitors.

Content marketing aims at providing valuable information for the visitor and giving them the complete control to choose.

Tablets and mobile optimized content first, and desktops second

Mobile responsive website development with UI/UX front end designer previewing wireframe sketch layout design mockup on smartphone screen

As the researches show that the audience all over the world consumes digital data more on phones than on laptops/desktops, it is preferred to design the content primarily for mobiles, and then for desktops. Mobile phones are so intimate to the consumers, so make the maximum gain out of the situation through mobile-optimized content. Medium sized contents do not have much to do with the audience, either go for short and crisp contents or go for long-form content. Executives prefer to read and share long-form content.

Develop repurposable content

Content development is not a one-time requirement, it is a consistent and full-term requirement.

Most of the content marketing teams wrestle with the ideas to come up with unique content each and every time. It is remarkable if you could develop a framework where you can repurpose your content to widen the reachability and ensure the huge impact of your values.

An effective repurposing can give you 5-10 pieces of content for a single idea. Start with a blog, if you get an overwhelming responses, amplify that through repurposing it for a webinar, then social images and much more!

Go where the readers are

Think beyond the traditional way of advertising or your owned channels.

Stay competent and innovative to reach where the audience is. Utilize the third party platforms for exploring similar visitors, but not over-depend or over-optimize for a single one.

Value the feedbacks

Implement Google analytics or other reliable tracking tools to get feedback on what you’ve done. Shape up accordingly for continuous betterment and make your visitors feel delighted and engaged. Indirectly establish an interactive mode of communication to make it more meaningful and informative.

Do not hurry

Take your time and focus to create promising content marketing strategies. Never hurry, as the competition is fierce and outstanding strategies win the hearts and keep you on top of the mind and conversation.

Be bold to take big decisions, analyze them with the data

Develop a distinctive style of doing things. Do not adhere to any template, as there is no scope for a moderate group anymore in the digital world.

Project your USPs and make it clear how you differ from others and can be the best choice for your prospects. Refine each and every move with data-driven solutions.

Content marketing tactics will help you to skyrocket your organic traffic. Apart from these content marketing tactics, you can also develop more targeted landing pages, segmenting the audience, running A/B tests and many more to build up a massive audience. One day if you are asked to work on increasing the audience, practice all these and share which one worked the best for you. Also, enrich the blog with any other relevant pieces of information you can authorize.

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Content is no more words alone and is not a one-time requirement anymore!

High-quality, engaging contents have to be published regularly for higher search engine rankings, better online visibility, and greater brand awareness.

Be keen to know more about the tricks and tips for effective writing that includes headline perfection, topic ideas, blogging, and a lot more! Apart from being informative, effective writing for the web is the art of making people feel that you have the best solution for their problem.

Let us discuss some ideas to develop content that convert.

Stick on to hooking topics and find out the writers.

Do thorough research to find out your strengths and transform them into your USP. Present it before the targeted people and convince them that you have the right solutions for their problems.

Accurately identify the pain points of the people and the content you develop should really help them to overcome their problem.

Research well to find out the topics of interest, analyze the competitor content for a better way of presenting. Make use of reliable tools to find out the top contents of the competitor.

Find out what is missing in those articles and present them with better strategies and solutions. Never copy their content, but instead, customize them for your company.

Do extensive keyword research and keep the content keyword rich to ensure the reachability. Adhere to a style of solving the problem, thinking from a customer’s perspective.

Find out a perfect writer who can read your mind and fix upon the rates to avoid confusion during the later stages.

Schedule the contents

Give an opportunity for the writers to suggest ideas for writing contents. Once you are done with fixing the contents, schedule the release or writing by scheduling the topics to a calendar. Work according to the plan based on a step by step by step approval of the content ( topic approval-outline approval-final content approval).

It might not be as easy as it sounds, but gradually you can develop the pace. Developing new content for each and every requirement also seems to be tiresome. Repurposing the content is always a better idea for businesses. But repurposing also demands a schedule to be a promising approach.

Promote and Upgrade the content

Let it be blogs, social media posts, or user manuals, update your content regularly. Share the blog posts or any other content in relevant groups and enhance the possibility of sharing. Improve the traffic by sharing the links in forums and listing the most popular posts on the sidebar. Developing great content will not fulfill the purpose, they have to consistently endure value to the readers.

  • Provide downloading options for relevant content, that the visitor can return to them according to their time frame.
  • Use infographics
  • Provide bullet points to be crisp and help them remember the important steps involved
  • Use Calenders, videos, and exclusive interviews
  • Update the links
  • Add additional words to improve the readability

Associate content release with product release

This can certainly increase the punch, educate the readers regarding the new product, and create demand for that just before the product release.
Ensure you target the right people and grab more sales to increase the revenue.

Creating extraordinarily good content that stands out from the crowd is most important. Follow these tips to come up with consistent quality content that ensures conversion. Combining good content with perfect marketing strategies can only ensure great outcomes.

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Understanding the dynamic nature of your audience preference, keep a track of some effective content marketing hacks to stay on the top and create a big impact.

Get ready to adapt rapidly to the dramatic changes in the field. Content has turned out to be the most efficient and cost effective tool for conversions rather than creating brand awareness. Keep your content most engaging, crisp, and clear for enhancing the traffic and driving sales. We discuss 7 promising content marketing strategies to keep your website at the top, stunning and dynamic .

Systematic Content Development

Traditional way of developing content with valuable information have paved the way to content marketing strategies which focuses on sales specific information. It emphasizes on the value, to those who consume the products and services.

A compelling ‘Call to Action’ that demands response from the target audience is a key feature of a good content marketing strategy. Develop your contents systematically, adhering to the following tips.

The technique involves are:

  • Find a link worthy content
  • Develop a better content
  • Share what you have developed

These techniques can turn content into high-quality backlinks and drives more web traffic.

Develop outstanding contents

Due to the heavy competition and easy availability of blogs, extra care has to be given to deliver only remarkable blogs. Cyberspace has become overcrowded with a plethora of contents. Inorder to grab a rapid attention, it has become imperative to come up only with outstanding contents.

How can you do that?

  • Research well
  • Write structured blogs
  • Stick on to the topic
  • Write from a user-benefit point of view
  • Magnetic headline
  • Be Crisp and straight, to the point
  • Aim for a sharp hitting

As the Search Engine ranking system is of a dynamic nature, the results you have achieved cannot last for long. So do update your most popular blogs regularly to stay back at the attained top positions. Google always prefers recent and updated blogs to old and steady content.

How to update?

  • Ensure all the links are working
  • Update all the images and screenshots which look outdated
  • Fresh up the examples you use
  • Break up systematically with headings and subheadings
  • Ensure all the facts are still updated
  • Rework on your introduction and conclusion
  • Include more general information

You might not have taken it seriously yet, optimizing your content for a voice search. But, be surprised to know the voice search has become very popular and a lot of people use it on a regular basis. It is expected that half of the online searches will be voice searches by 2020.

  • Optimize at least some of the content for voice search
  • Shape up the content that Voice assistants recommend

Include different types of content

Include different types of content like

  • Blogs
  • Social media content
  • Email marketing
  • Podcasting
  • Marketing videos, and a lot more

Take enough care to present different types of contents for different types of the audience along with a multi channel presence. Video contents one of the most wanted type of content these days. 100 million hours of video are reported on Facebook every day and people watch around 5 billion videos on YouTube!

Test your headlines

A/B test your headlines to ensure they stand out among the crowd. Discover some top tips to come up with catchy headlines.

  • Number your headlines
  • Compose headlines with 12-18 words ( most accepted)
  • Try to put it up with a number, adjective, along with the promise
  • The keywords why and how also grabs a lot of attention

Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Integration of AI and content marketing will make heavy impacts over the coming years. AI can support content marketing with

  • Machine learning and analytics
  • AI can gather and interpret huge data, minimizing manual work
  • It helps to develop better content strategies
  • Bespoke contents for the audience segments

Hope the above tips help you to gain a better content marketing perspective. Please subscribe to our newsletters to receive related blog posts.

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