How Digital Marketing Tactics can improve your ROI?

Digital marketing is just the online marketing of your products and businesses using the latest digital technologies, mostly on the internet also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium. People in this digital are so advanced technologically that most of them own smartphones, laptops, or tablets linked with the internet, which is highly imperative, or probably a necessary requirement. This clearly portrays the scope of digital marketing and its relevance. Digital agencies significantly improve your brand awareness and lead generation through all possible digital channels.

Anish Vijayan here, from Graffiti9, wishing you a great time ahead, sharing some key information regarding the conversion principles of a good digital agency.

Importance of online conversion funnel

The basic functioning of a sales funnel includes the acquisition of leads, conversion to customers, and retaining them for further business transactions. It is important to note that the funnel has a universal structure, and good agencies can ideally personalize each and every step of the funnel fit exclusively for your business purposes.

Acquisition of traffic

The acquisition is the primary step to conversions, making people visit your website. Digital agencies make use of popular channels like SEO, paid advertising, social media channels, influencer marketing, email marketing, content marketing etc. to acquire more quality traffic to your business. The first step is to make the customers familiar with your brand, punch your values, and make them how important is your brand in their lives.


CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Digital agencies not only help you for converting the leads but also to do it most efficiently by optimizing the conversion rates. It is of high importance that the conversions are not identical to the purchases for every case. Reliable digital agencies are good at maximizing the rate of conversions through a process called Conversion Rate Optimization. It keeps your business irresistible for the prospects utilizing some of the on page elements like easy navigation, appealing content & design, compelling call to action along with a systematic CRO process.

The Equation for revenue

Let’s talk about a hard and fast sort of rule for obtaining revenue. Feeling skeptical? It really works! Yeah, a promising one. Let me jump into that-

Traffic x Conversion Rate x Price = Revenue

This confirms that just a minute increase creates a huge impact on your revenues. Analytics shows that conversion rate optimization processes are highly promising when coupled with A/B testing.

Lead nurturing

Not all the leads at the awareness stage are ready to convert. Lead nurturing is the marketing tactics, digital agencies to follow those dropouts, make use of their interest to your brand, make them feel special & revisit to transcend through the funnel and push them out. While planning the strategies, they take into consideration the critical role of leads in customer purchase cycle and customer lifetime value.

Customer retention

Focusing on lifetime customer value, digital agencies pay enough attention to completely satisfy the existing users. Complete customer satisfaction can certainly lead to extended purchase which in turn leads to advocating your products. Just grow your revenues!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you optimize conversion funnel?

It is important to guide your leads towards how to convert when you perform conversion funnel optimization. With the help of a conversion funnel, you can visualize and figure out the flow and conversion of potential customers into paying customers.

  1. Segmentation
  2. Content
  3. Design
  1. Stay in touch.
  2. Assume they won’t remember you.
  3. Keep the experience fresh and relevant.
  4. Surprise them.
  5. Collaborate.

Sales funnels is a useful model to envision the customer journey from awareness to conversion. You can easily create a useful framework for analyzing your business and areas of improvement sing sales funnel.

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