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Are you into the construction business? Are you struggling to get more qualified leads? Do you want to increase your business in terms of revenue? Well, if you are a smart business, you must be shouting a ‘Yes’ to all these questions. We are pleased to inform you that this is exactly the place you need to come to when you need help with your lead generation, conversion, and profit maximization needs through Construction internet marketing.

The construction industry is under a massive revolution as the scope for design and development is the highest of all times. There are better technologies available, more creative designs, and skilled developers to offer the greatest marvels. Technology has touched another aspect of a construction business and that is marketing. The digital evolution is very gratifying if you know the right way to proceed. However, with my years of experience, I can say that the construction business is one such sector that needs extra efforts to get more qualified leads for some obvious reasons.

Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate industry is recovering from the adverse effects just like many other industries. Business needs professional and experienced digital marketing experts to level up the digital marketing efforts and grab more eyeballs and business.

Graffiti9 here is one such guide, associate, and service provider who is readily available to offer real estate businesses any type of help that they need for getting more sales, brand awareness, and profit during crisis time.

1. What is construction internet marketing?

What is construction marketing

Construction internet marketing is a marketing practice that uses a wide range of online channels to promote construction business. A Construction marketing agency collaborates with your business and spends efforts, time, and other resources in understanding your target audience, identifying the market, and developing an impeccable digital marketing strategy for you. The agency develops Construction marketing ideas that ensure that your business is the first one to capture the client’s attention when they start searching for a construction business near me. A majority of searches are online, various online channels and approaches are used to ensure you are a popular and desirable business.

The core responsibility of the Construction marketing agency is to present you as a reliable, professional, experienced, and cost-effective construction company. The agency would craft a Construction marketing plan utilizing a wide range of digital marketing strategies for a construction business to make you the top choice of the construction business for your target audience.

2. Proven digital marketing strategies for your construction business

The digitally evolved demands for advanced approaches and if you are ready to settle for mediocre tactics, you cannot leapfrog the competition. Construction marketing is a complicated concept and the best digital marketing strategies for the construction business can make you the market leader. So, what are the core digital marketing strategies for construction businesses that deliver results?

a. Define your targeted audience

The first step towards creating a construction marketing plan is identifying the target audience. The identification of the target audience provides a clear view of the business which means smarter decisions and more profit-making. Some core considerations under the identification phase include:

  • Know who you are catering to
  • What are your best offerings?
  • What is your target market- residential, commercial industrial, or all of them?

The better you know your target market, the smarter, cost-effective construction marketing plan you would be able to make for higher ROIs.

b. Create a highly functional & informative website

A website is your virtual address, a business card, and a gateway of your business for the users wanting to know you and your business better. A highly functional and informative website will cater to the requirements of the users i.e. offering them information about the business owner, the services you offer as well as a chance to connect with you at their convenience.

The user experience is everything when it comes to a business website and you need to ensure that you have a very attractive, engaging, and conversion-friendly website. Website development is not a child’s play and hence you need a reliable, experienced, and professional Construction internet marketing company with expertise in construction website development to achieve the best results.

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c. Advertise your online presence

Yes, despite a majority of your audience available on online platforms, there are still a handful of people who won’t be aware of your online presence. You need to attend to the need and include your online materials at physical locations. You must mention your website address, social media icons on visiting cards, pamphlets, etc. to show that your business is active on online channels as well. This will generate more user traffic.

d. Use the power of social media

Social Media is one of the most powerful platforms to make an impact on your target audience. The reach and capture of social media platforms is amazing ad it allows you to showcase your products/services/locations and much more to your target audience. Social Media Marketing is a crucial part of any Construction marketing plan. The Construction internet marketing company will leverage the power of different social media platforms including FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Facebook marketing

e. Add call to action on all your marketing materials

Call to Action also known as CTA is one of the best ways to invite your target audience to your website. With creative Call to Action phrases, you can encourage your users to connect with you for their desired requirements. Adding the right CTA to a variety of marketing material including website content, articles, blogs, guest post, social media content, and PPC ads and more will offer you enough chances to capture the attention of the target audience.

f. Build a well-defined SEO strategy

Google is the one-stop solution for users to search for any relevant information and Construction business clients are no different.  Before buying any product or service, users choose to run a Google search. If you are not among the top SERPs results, your chances of getting the business are significantly low.

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Search engine Optimization is a result-oriented approach to ensure you are the top search result for a relevant search. Adding prime search keywords in different content market material is what helps in passing various Google algorithms ad appearing in the top 10 search results for best construction businesses on Google. Only an SEO expert can craft a customized & working SEO strategy for your construction business.

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g. Release expertise videos

Video Marketing is one strategic tool that conveys a lot of messages at once. To establish your authority in the industry, you must use the power of video marketing. You must provide information to your users enabling them to search various information and latest updates including current circle rate, what is the right time to purchase, in how much time per square feet rates will increase or decrease, and more.

h. Activate a GMB profile

Google My Business or GMB profile is your virtual business card. You can offer a quick summary of your business to your target audience. You must however never forget to keep your GMB profile up to date. Add your business’s crucial information such as name, contact details, address, and key products/ services offerings in the profile.

i. Content marketing

With well-written, search engine optimized and information-rich content, you can attract your target audience and convert them into long-term clients. A well-defined content marketing strategy will help you attract more users, engage them and convert them. You must develop blogs, articles, guest posts, social media posts, and much more to market your business.

Benefits of content marketing

j. Build landing pages

Paid ad campaigns that bring the customers to a landing page are one core Construction marketing idea. They are effective when created by an expert construction marketing agency putting your core businesses requirements at the center of the plan. You must start paid ad campaigns and dedicated landing pages supporting your campaign with the help of construction internet marketing experts.

k. Measure your digital marketing efforts

The best Construction marketing company will use a range of measuring tools and approaches to measure the digital marketing efforts and their effects. Some significant tools used are search console, google analytics, and more.  The measurement helps you evaluate your progress and take an alternative approach if there is any need.

3. How graffiti9 can help you

You need a reliable and seasoned construction marketing agency to offer you the best services. At graffiti9, we excel in catering to your Construction internet marketing needs and skyrocketing your sales and profit. Graffiti9 was founded in 2007 to offer businesses including construction and real estate companies with proven digital marketing results. We become a full-fledged construction marketing agency in 2008 and dedicated ourselves to our Website design and development, SEO, Local SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay per Click Advertising, Content Marketing, Facebook Advertising, and more.

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4. FAQs

a. Is construction internet marketing expensive?

Not when you connect with a professional construction marketing agency. Professional construction internet marketing service providers understand your budget and offer you cost-effective solutions that bring the best returns in minimum investment.

b. How effective construction internet marketing is?

A strategic construction internet marketing approach can bring you significant results. You can create an impressive portfolio for your users and attract, engage and convert them.

c. Do I really need to hire a construction marketing agency?

Yes, if you want to leapfrog the competition and earn desirable returns on your investment, you need to hire a construction marketing agency. However, you need to make sure that you hire industry experts who have prior experience and a knack for perfection in construction internet marketing.