Top Marketing Tips Which Boost Your Business Conversions

Hi! I am Anish Vijayan, sharing some vital information from my own work experience that can help you boost the conversion rates.

Everything looks fine, but are you not gaining the expected conversions? Still confused to decide what to focus on?

The digital market is overcrowded and you need to be no less than extraordinary in your domain to gain online traffic and sales. Clearly convince the visitors in a short time, “why you?”

Develop an urgency

Implement countdown clocks in your websites that have proved to improve online sales. A professionally designed and implemented countdown clock bring out a feeling of “this is the right time” for the visitor.

Exit Popups

Exit Popup

Digital marketers use exit-intent popups to display the most powerful and well-timed pop-up ads once they detect the visitor is about to leave. Exit pop-ups are highly customizable and marketers take it as the last chance to reach the customer. They pick up the best format of the exit popups to add more to your business website.

Personalize your website

Proficient digital marketers make use of the geo data to incorporate the name of the city in the webpages to create a personalized feel for the reader.

Pic snippets

Digital marketers work in synchronization with the content writers to select the most appropriate and appealing pictures and craft compelling, personalized content. Personalize your offers and even include the name of the customer.


Digital marketers make use of the remarketing technique to get the customers back through new offers of educational materials. Remarketing can be effectively implemented through social media channels, Google, or YouTube. Answer all the customer concerns genuinely to ensure they stick on to you further.

Make variations to your website

Automation tools like “crazy egg” can do wonders to automatically implement the variations and adjust the traffic accordingly to gain jaw-dropping improvements in conversions. Crazy Egg can give you valuable suggestions to decide what to change in your website for more conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the design elements in a landing page that leads to increased conversions?

To answer, I would say, content arrangement, value proposition, UX design, call to action all important equally.

Not at all! The part of the funnel is not important, which part of the funnel you test first makes no difference in the process.

Tools such as Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely, Qubit, Adobe Test & Target, SiteSpect, Hiconversion,, and Maxymiser can perform testing on existing pages. Google has also recently released a new, free version of Google Optimize. All of them have their own have pros and cons, and hence a final word should be told after your website analysis.

No. In fact, it encourages SEO.

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