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As technology is handy and the internet has become a necessity, Social media networking, as a full-blown digital marketing tool, empowers digital marketing. Proficient Digital marketing through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. can expand the business quickly and efficiently. Stay competent to the dynamic & evolving trends in social media with the corresponding marketing strategies.

Strategize according to the finalized goals

  • Have a brainstorming session with the complete team
  • Finalize your business goals
  • Focus on the goals and plan business strategies
  • Consider the dynamic trends in social networking platforms
  • Discuss and conclude on the type of content, and how often you post in social media platforms
  • Do not absorb adverts mindlessly, focus to be part of the communication
  • Be clear about what you want, and make it clear you expect a response
  • Give a personable feel to your business

Before finalizing the strategies, carefully analyze different social media platforms, their pros and cons, compare the prices, potential reach, targeting options, and formats.

Be authentic and share moments that matter

2019 is going to be the year of authenticity in social media. Those who win to present themselves authentically, are certainly going to win the focus. Focus on true and inspiring stories to make your prospects and visitors feel irresistible. Ensure more conversions through social media by

  • Less technical details
  • More raw and intimate stories
  • Presentation from the customer’s perspective than the brand perspective
  • Amplify the positive signals by repurposing the successful contents (video to the blog, blog into an article, etc)

Make use of the right tools

Utilize the best available social media tools to schedule your content across multiple social networking platforms for a month. Apart from the huge benefits like saving a lot of time and manual work, you can oversee the post analytics, create monthly reports to follow a data-driven & more promising approach, and track your links as well. Some of the suggested social media optimization tools are, Hootsuite, MeetEdgar, IFTTT, etc.

Include videos

Videos are going to be a promising trend in 2019. Businesses, brands, and marketers need to have specific video strategy like

  • Live Video
  • Vertical video
  • Interactive video
  • Smartphone-quality videos
  • Video Remarketing

Develop a short video of 30-60 seconds with a human touch that can be used in various social networking channels. Remember to put your best step forward in the first ten seconds to convey the idea to the largest possible group of viewers. Set perfect goals for your video.

Make the most use of blog posts

Blogs are excellent tools to enhance your social networking efforts. Update your status with the new blog posts to grab the chance of BRINGING PEOPLE BACK to your website. Demonstrate your KNOWLEDGE IN THE INDUSTRY through the blogs and project them to the RIGHT PEOPLE, AT THE RIGHT TIME. Incorporate the SHARE BUTTON to ensure an effortless sharing. MENTION OTHER RELATED PEOPLE AND BUSINESSES that they share your content and mention you in return. Also, stick on scientifically proven tips to create a COMPELLING BLOG POST.

Incorporate audio

Marketing is more of a visual and interaction based these days. Hence it is important to include compelling audios to your website. Structure the audios to stay unique and better connected with your audience.

  • Make the most use of audio tweets
  • Record client testimonials
  • CEO message to greet the audience
  • Background score to the website
  • Record blog posts to satisfy visitors preferring podcasts
  • Make your brand more personalized

You can organize your content and plan the promotional campaigns with the help of content calendars. Plan and implement the above strategies to stay ahead of the fierce digital marketing competition. We cannot list out the complete strategies as it varies from business to business. Correlate with the nature of your business before implementing these strategies for the best results. Please join our training school for more insights into the topic.

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Understanding the dynamic nature of your audience preference, keep a track of some effective content marketing hacks to stay on the top and create a big impact.

Get ready to adapt rapidly to the dramatic changes in the field. Content has turned out to be the most efficient and cost effective tool for conversions rather than creating brand awareness. Keep your content most engaging, crisp, and clear for enhancing the traffic and driving sales. We discuss 7 promising content marketing strategies to keep your website at the top, stunning and dynamic .

Systematic Content Development

Traditional way of developing content with valuable information have paved the way to content marketing strategies which focuses on sales specific information. It emphasizes on the value, to those who consume the products and services.

A compelling ‘Call to Action’ that demands response from the target audience is a key feature of a good content marketing strategy. Develop your contents systematically, adhering to the following tips.

The technique involves are:

  • Find a link worthy content
  • Develop a better content
  • Share what you have developed

These techniques can turn content into high-quality backlinks and drives more web traffic.

Develop outstanding contents

Due to the heavy competition and easy availability of blogs, extra care has to be given to deliver only remarkable blogs. Cyberspace has become overcrowded with a plethora of contents. Inorder to grab a rapid attention, it has become imperative to come up only with outstanding contents.

How can you do that?

  • Research well
  • Write structured blogs
  • Stick on to the topic
  • Write from a user-benefit point of view
  • Magnetic headline
  • Be Crisp and straight, to the point
  • Aim for a sharp hitting

As the Search Engine ranking system is of a dynamic nature, the results you have achieved cannot last for long. So do update your most popular blogs regularly to stay back at the attained top positions. Google always prefers recent and updated blogs to old and steady content.

How to update?

  • Ensure all the links are working
  • Update all the images and screenshots which look outdated
  • Fresh up the examples you use
  • Break up systematically with headings and subheadings
  • Ensure all the facts are still updated
  • Rework on your introduction and conclusion
  • Include more general information

You might not have taken it seriously yet, optimizing your content for a voice search. But, be surprised to know the voice search has become very popular and a lot of people use it on a regular basis. It is expected that half of the online searches will be voice searches by 2020.

  • Optimize at least some of the content for voice search
  • Shape up the content that Voice assistants recommend

Include different types of content

Include different types of content like

  • Blogs
  • Social media content
  • Email marketing
  • Podcasting
  • Marketing videos, and a lot more

Take enough care to present different types of contents for different types of the audience along with a multi channel presence. Video contents one of the most wanted type of content these days. 100 million hours of video are reported on Facebook every day and people watch around 5 billion videos on YouTube!

Test your headlines

A/B test your headlines to ensure they stand out among the crowd. Discover some top tips to come up with catchy headlines.

  • Number your headlines
  • Compose headlines with 12-18 words ( most accepted)
  • Try to put it up with a number, adjective, along with the promise
  • The keywords why and how also grabs a lot of attention

Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Integration of AI and content marketing will make heavy impacts over the coming years. AI can support content marketing with

  • Machine learning and analytics
  • AI can gather and interpret huge data, minimizing manual work
  • It helps to develop better content strategies
  • Bespoke contents for the audience segments

Hope the above tips help you to gain a better content marketing perspective. Please subscribe to our newsletters to receive related blog posts.

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Increase, maintain, and bolster your business campaign results with these top tips to stay adapted to the dynamic nature of PPC advertising. Have a discerning eye towards the environment shift to reassess your strategies and stay ahead of the competition curve.

Audience rise, setting aside the keywords

Audient’s intent is being prioritized to the keywords to meet the expectation of the audience rather than listing the ads.

“The key to success in 2019 and beyond will be to create a detailed strategy of the various audience types and audiences lists and how you can layer them (with positive and negative bid types) to shape your paid search strategy.”

Christi Olson, Head of Evangelism for Search, Microsoft.

Some effective tips to stay adhered to the user intent is,

  • Spent more time to create and optimize customer segments
  • Draft relevant and more personalized ads
  • Stick on to developing comprehensive funnel strategies

However, in no way, the importance of keywords can go out of the frame. Framing a PPC approach featured by the layering of keyword strategies and audience targeting has become imperative for the best outcomes. Paid search audience targeting is a comprehensive solution to both keyword issues and audience issues.

Call To Actions

2019 is going to witness a smarter call to action strategy. Implementing CTA will come out of its traditional patterns to grab more conversions.

Stick on to the following tips while you finalize your call to action.

  • Go for well-crafted Call to Action
  • Include an action/emotion
  • Pierce into the sub-conscious mind of the customer
  • Be short and crisp
  • Follow a direct and instructive
  • Shape it towards your business goals

Mobile PPC

Mobile PPC has become an essential component of PPC during this digital era. The smartphone users are consistently shooting up for the past few years and this ensures the larger search volume with small screen devices.

Stick on to

  • Mobile friendly websites
  • Mobile optimized landing pages
  • Smartphone user targeted purchase process
  • Optimize PPC for the progressively increasing mobile audience
  • Implement mobile speed optimization techniques for user engagement
  • Do the testing to ensure and multiply the results


Remarketing, based on some key factors is going to be one of the potent trends in PPC 2019. Remarketing opens up the possibilities of reaching the visitors who did not make any impact on your website. Make the most use of this Google feature to increase revenue.

  • Displays targeted Ads to past visitors while they browse the web or watch YouTube videos
  • Remarketing keep your brand at the top of the mind influencing visitors to come back
  • Add a pice of remarketing code to existing google adverts
  • You can customize the code to different pages of your choice
  • Display your ads to users when they browse through the wide network of Google partner sites
  • Lower your cost per click as you target a narrowed stream of audience
  • Stay connected with your target audience even if they leave your site
  • Increased brand exposure
  • Build up the trust

Omnichannel strategies are essential

Multichannel advertising is advertising across multiple channels whereas omnichannel ensures a continuous and evolving multichannel marketing experience.

Omnichannel strategies can,

  • Reach the prospect again and again through different channels
  • Push the visitors through the marketing funnel more effectively
  • Omnichannel strategies can be implemented in many variations, with a final output to provide an integrated, uninterrupted user experience.

Analyze your multichannel and start working to integrate them in combination with special offers or content offerings to push the customers down the funnel from every stage of their interaction with your business.

Consider these emerging PPC trends into consideration and start implementing those which goes hand in hand with your brand. Do a thorough study of your business features and these PPC trends to choose the best fit for your business. Be future ready!

Feeling good upon implementing? Please share.

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Are you an entrepreneur focusing to establish your business? Do you wish your website to appear on top of the search results page? Be ready in front of your prospects and customers with the most effective SEO, the search engine optimization. Optimize your websites to be in the Search Engine Result Page fetched for queries related to your business and services. Let’s discuss the most effective ways of implementing SEO to businessess and improve the search engine rankings.

Dig more into the SEO concepts

As the Google Search Engine Result Pages consistently grow and improve, SEO learning is also a continuous process. Gain a deeper understanding of the basic SEO concepts. Make use of free, reliable, and authentic online resources to learn more about SEO – the relevance of backlinks, keywords, and other important SEO strategies.

Address your technical SEO issues

For a better ranking, address the basic SEO issues like,

Response codes

Help the search engines to crawl your sites with ease by reducing the number of response codes. Address them by updating any pages with the response code links to a live destination page.

Duplicate content

Ensure unique and customized content on every page. Confirm the uniqueness and individuality of every product regarding an E-commerce site.


Follow these tips to increase website speed.

  • Enable compressions
  • Reducing CSS, javascript, and HTML
  • Utilize browser caching
  • Image optimization
  • Unoptimized pages
  • Do on-page and off page optimizations to fix the issue.

Make use of the most advanced tools to be updated with the broken links. Either edit them or remove them using unlink option.

The process is really time-consuming, but has a huge positive impact on your rankings and traffic.

Project your values first, in combination with SEO

Deeply understand the values and unique features of your business. Try to find out clear answers for “why you”? Present your personalized features through trust building factors like client testimonials and user reviews. Please do not go behind templates for ease. Be realistic about the possibilities of getting the search engine rankings. Well-optimized content can work as a marketing tool. While preparing the content, give due importance to the following aspects.

  • Value rich content
  • Avoid keyword stuffing for SEO (This increases bounce rate)
  • Place keywords in headings, titles, and subtitles.
  • Sprinkle the keywords in the first para and throughout the content body.

Deeper keyword research

Pick up the right keywords to optimize your content for search engines. Think about all the possibilities of how people are searching for your business and services and implement mid tailed keywords including the targeted local area. Have a clear understanding of the products and services. Find out answers to some questions like,

  • How, when, and where do customers need your product or service?
  • Will it be away from home, using their cell phone or from home using a desktop computer or tablet?
  • Is it to satisfy a personal desire, like good food to eat or a great place to spend a holiday?
  • Or is it driven by a disruptive event like a home or personal issue?

to add life to your keywords and content.

A lot of reliable online tools like Google search console and Google analytics are available to help you out!

Backlinks help the crawl bots to crawl to the website and rank it correctly. Optimize your backlinks to improve the SEO ranking factors. The number of backlinks does not stand for its quality. Some top tips for relevant SEO backlinks are,

  • Go for relevant backlinks – “The general content topic of the connecting domain, The core of the linking page; The appropriateness of the backlinks which hit the domain” determines the relevancy of the backlink.
  • Associate with authoritative websites
  • Focus on websites with good traffic
  • Carefully spread your anchor text
  • Gain backlinks from standard websites
  • Post a comment to relevant articles and add your link
  • Try to post stimulating comments

Include a schema mark up

Schema markups send signals about the page contents like,

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Business hours
  • Ratings
  • This ensures a rich snippet action.

Link your website positively to social media and gain a lot of conversations, customer engagement, and gain massive followers. Social media SEO support your business to,

  • Share and link quality content
  • Gain followers and hence traffic to the site
  • Better branding
  • Continuous interaction to stay live
  • Higher Search Engine Ranking

There are no hard and fast rules regarding SEO costs. It totally depends on your business approach. This guide for business SEO will help you get the right path for effective SEO considering the 7 key aspects. Be ready to experience the change and share this blog if you find it useful.

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Google has confirmed that site speed is one of the most important factors determined by its algorithm for Search Engine Rankings. The concept of page speed is intertwined with the website speed for a better user experience. “If your website loads faster, you make money faster,” says Max Goldberg, digital marketing specialist.

Let us discover some key aspects of improving your website speed to improve the bounce rates and Google rankings.

Optimizing the plugins

Plugins are common and integrated parts of a website. Analyze your plugins to remove the unwanted ones. There is a myth that image plugins can have a negative impact on website speed as they include additional PHP and SQL requests. Though time-consuming, manual optimization and reloading of plugins can bring in severe benefits as they compress the size without compromising the quality.

Update your PHP to version 7 (if PHP is used)

Updating to version 7 from PHP assures a lot of benefits with a huge impact on website speed. Version 7 is two to three times efficient than PHP 5.6.

Advantages of version 7

  • Faster
  • More secure
  • More resource efficient

Make use of the Page Speed Insights Tool from Google

Google’s Page Speed Insights Tool is excellent for webmasters to check their site loading speed in comparison to other websites. Bookmark the feedbacks and start improving one by one. You can check your competitor’s website loading speed as well for a detailed analysis.

Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP

AMP is a new open-source standard for mobile devices preferred by Google. Instead of content loading, Google indexes its own version which loads quickly on mobile devices. Convert new posts to AMP for a better user experience.

Reduce Server Response Time

The time taken to fetch your site depends on the efficiency of your Domain Name System (DNS) provider. If it is not performing well, do a comparison and switch to a faster DNS provider.

Analyze your third-party tools

Do a thorough analysis of third-party tools, especially the review tools to,

  • Eliminate the unwanted ones/low performing ones
  • Cache the third party tools regularly
  • It is the most important to be on par with the client expectations.

Realize that improving the website speed can bring about a primary level of ranking boosts and redirection of organic traffic. Whereas site speed optimization can,

  • Improves crawling
  • Improves conversions and customer engagement
  • Improves brand reputation

Following the above strategies honestly can make you feel the change at the earliest. Sounds interesting? Join our free training school to get more practical insights to improve your business.

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