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Video marketing has gained massive acceptance and has become very much affordable these days. Video marketing when professionally implemented has proven to deliver mesmerizing advertising miracles at economical rates.

Be creative to the core and grab millions of views from your ready to convert prospects. Being a visual based mode of advertising, video marketing can enhance sales as they push the prospects to act soon and think less!

Jaw dropping analytics reports prove that YouTube is the second search engine and millions of videos are watched every hour!

Optimize the marketing videos to specific needs and blend them with your inbound marketing strategies to create a big bang.

Integrate videos to social marketing

Most of the visitors prefer listening videos to reading the content.

Potential buyers would love to spend time with informative and appealing videos rather than talking to salespeople. Optimized short videos have proven to create huge impacts with various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

Spending significantly on video marketing is trending internationally, upon recognition of the exponential increase in expected outcomes. Be reachable to a wide network of consistent users through integrating videos to social marketing at affordable rates. Blend an entertainment factor with the marketing videos to encourage social shares.

Some effective tips for marketing videos:

  • Make it short
  • Include captions
  • Convey the key messages initially
  • Keep it simple and digestible

Integrate Videos with your Blogs

It is an established fact that visual contents are processed faster by the human brain.

You will certainly miss a wide pool of potential audience on eliminating videos in your business marketing strategies. Everyone is interested to listen to videos than reading and comprehending a blog. Keep your blogs more engaging by blending it with informative, appealing, and entertaining videos. Incorporating relevant images with a gist of your blog content is also a great idea to stay on top of the minds.

Develop interesting blogs and complement them with optimized, short, and appealing videos. Include videos on,

  • Your products and services
  • Company culture
  • Client testimonials
  • Interviews
  • Webinars, and a lot more!

Mobile Videos

According to the very quoted report from Cisco “by 2019, consumer internet video traffic will be 80% of all internet traffic across the world.” Video marketing has revolutionized the way a business reach and connects with its potential customers. Video has expanded to all possible formats like live videos, recorded videos, temporary videos, etc.

Thus, they gradually evolve to take up a greater part of marketing and will be a core format for mobile users. With the invent of technology, it has become much easier to create and distribute videos without a big video production house.

Videos have endless possibilities as a training tool as well (think about the advantages of a recorded video when compared to attending a live session). Make the most out of it to create the best impact on your products and services. Analytics show that mobile video consumption reaches 100% every year. As smartphone users are growing, video audience also gets bigger day by day.

Google likes Videos

Videos make visitors spend more time on your website. So, videos ensure customer engagement and convey search engine that the website has quality content.

Enhance the possibilities of higher Google rankings when you embed videos to your website.

It is highly important to optimize videos with keywords and SEO for the best outcomes. Place your keywords in the video titles and descriptions. Make sure your videos have some good values to the customer, be it educational, or entertaining.

Video marketing can explain anything, break the boundaries of the most common communication gap, and can engage even the lazy buyers. Most of the product based websites embed explainer videos on their home page. Animation videos can give life to concepts and make your ideas crystal clear. Sick on to an impressive storyline to build trust and experience the improvement conversions, sales, and ROI! Out of the many concepts, we have discussed a few to help you strengthen your inbound marketing strategies.

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Social media marketing is a fundamental tool to achieve business goals through well optimized strategies. Utilize the opportunity for regular direct interaction with the customers who come across your brand consistently through social media channels. It is a powerful tool to directly reach the prospects and customers and to drive leads and sales.

There are no short-cut templates for a successful social media marketing strategy. Deeply understand your business, its nature, the target audience, and your USP to finalize the promising social media marketing strategies.

Develop a plan

Before jumping into action, be ready with a plan. Be focused to reach your business goals rather than wasting time wandering around the bush. Sit together with your team and be clear about the following concerns before developing social media marketing campaigns.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are your social media marketing goals?
  • Your business type?
  • What is the message you want to convey?
  • What are your Unique Selling Points?

Social Media Marketing goals

Discover the variety of marketing goals that social media marketing support.

  • Raising brand awareness
  • Improving website traffic
  • Better conversion rate
  • Creating a brand identity
  • Improve interaction and communication with potential customers

Understanding the target audience

Once enough research is done and you’ve concluded with the marketing goals and your strengths (converted to USP), it’s the right time to thoroughly understand the target audience and showcase your strengths! Begin by sharing relevant and optimized content along with eye-catching images. Be vigilant to pick up which of your contents are being shared in social media for streamlining the social media campaign.

Trust Building

Ensure that you speak believable stories and always stay genuine. Once you have established an enviable network, post the stats like,

  • Number of likes
  • Social media shares
  • Number of followers from different social media channels

All these can build trust in your brand, and plays a critical role in decision making and converting the leads to brand advocates.

Some Useful Tips

  • Be informative
  • Post regularly
  • Include images and videos
  • Be consistent across various social media platforms
  • Utilize the possibilities of content marketing
  • Share outside links, if you’re sure about its acceptability
  • You may get some return links as well
  • Watch the competitors
  • Track the data (Analytics)
  • Social media crisis management skills

How to choose the right marketing platform?

Even though Facebook has a huge acceptance, it doesn’t mean that it serves as the most effective tool for every business. It has to be chosen as per every platform’s specific user base and environment. As the ambience varies from platform to platform, customize the marketing strategies individually if you plan for a multi-channel approach.

Professional marketing agencies are excellent in developing strategies based on the nature of your business, help you find out your strengths, turn them into USP, and project them consistently in various social media channels as per the marketing goals to achieve the pre-planned goals.

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Marketing is an investment, It’s an investment in people and time and money that must be nurtured and worked at in order to be optimized.

Being more appealing, younger, sleeker, and much-targeted way of marketing, Digital Marketing has turned out to be an imperative requirement for the better reachability and developing a potential client base for any online business platform.

But investing with the right agency can only ascertain the results.

Today, most of the businesses stay perplexed before the overcrowded market to pick the right Digital Marketing Agency that suits your business. Let us discuss some top tips to consider before tying up with a Digital Marketing Agency.

Define the marketing needs and expectations

Be clear about your Unique selling proposition, marketing needs and expectations to avoid catastrophes. Deeply understand the type of digital marketing services you require before selecting the marketing agency. Discuss and finalize matters like, are you in need of,

  • Brand awareness
  • Better reachability
  • Increase sales
  • Website Design
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • What is your budget?
  • Time and resource pool
  • Or any other relevant services

Understand their process

  • Gain a deep understanding of the working process of the digital marketing agency
  • Does their work culture match with that of yours?
  • Try to figure out how they can help you to highlight your uniqueness to stay in the limelight
  • Analyze their websites, blogs, and social media promotions to understand the professionalism
  • Creativity and industry experience equally matters
  • Capability to implement customized digital marketing strategies
  • Their qualifications
  • Experience and expertise in your area of digital marketing requirements

What do they promise?

Gain an accurate understanding of the way of communication of the digital marketing agency to justify their monthly charges like KPI- Key Performance Indicators. Also, look into some of the most important success metrics in digital marketing like,

  • Boost in traffic
  • Retention time
  • Bounce rate
  • Click through rate
  • Social Interactions,
  • And a lot more!

The more the critical success metrics they offer, the more transparent is the company. A good digital marketing agency should not promise the “bottom of the funnel” results as there a lot of important factors which influences the same.

Can you integrate them into your team?

Digital marketing agencies cannot stand alone and boost your business. Ensure the nature of working of the agency well suits with yours for complete integration and perfect results.

If you focus on local business, do not opt for a digital marketing agency specialized in global recognition. Improper integration can lead to confusing outcomes.

LinkedIn Profile

Share your accurate requirements and expectations in LinkedIn and consider LinkedIn recommendations.

Be ready to wait

Digital marketing cannot do wonders to roll in the results. It can be a strategic partnership and a long term relationship towards a better future. A really good digital marketing agency can help you in your hard times and make you follow a steady output graph. Do not hurry, and ready to understand the mutual rapport you develop as you move forward!

These are some of the stunning points to be considered before finalizing your digital marketing agency. Feel like there are more relevant points? Please share it in the comment box to enrich the blog.

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A powerful converting marketing funnel delivers whatever you need in an online business. Be it an increased conversion rate, enhanced ROI, or brand awareness. Ultimately, the marketing funnels turn your website visitors into paying customers. Experience the massive sales and experience the funnel working!

What exactly is a marketing funnel?

A funnel describes the sequential steps a prospective customer takes to become a paying customer. Technically, a marketing funnel is made up of different stages from the awareness stage to lead generation. A powerful marketing funnel pushes the maximum number of prospects to the following stages. It is the multistep process that progressively nurture people to make them ready for purchase.

Awareness Stage

The topmost part of the funnel is all about increasing brand awareness. The visibility of your online business is enhanced to make more people aware of your brand. Make the most out of this stage to showcase your authority in the industry. Introduce your business to a wide range of potential customers.

To make it clear, it may be like someone reading your blog, watching YouTube videos, clicking on your ad, or being involved in an interactive strategy like a quiz.

Facebook ads is one method to hit the right people during the awareness stage. There are features like Lookalike audience to explore users similar to your present audience. SEO can help you a lot to gain better ranks in SERPs and thus to improve the online visibility of your business.
The pain points of the customers are accurately identified to initiate a successful customer journey.

Interest Stage

Once awareness is generated, only interested people move to the second stage.

Here, you need to develop an interest and keep them engaged. Put efforts to create interest among people to know more about what you do and what you offer.

Try to extract a piece of contact information which may be later used to nurture your customer relations. In the middle part of the funnel, give them the accessibility to a free piece of interesting content upon submitting their email address or filling up a form. From an awareness stage, the likely visitors are pushed to the interest stage, say they are taken to a landing page with a request to sign up. You can also analyze how many people are really interested in what you offer. Improve the corresponding stages as per the result.

If you have a lot of visitors at the awareness stage and very few in the interest stage, the demand for tweaking the landing pages are well understood.

Evaluation stage

Here, put in the best efforts to convince them you are the best among the possible alternatives.

Present your product in a compelling manner to make them vulnerable to take action. Autorespond with the most appealing and best quality content, straight into the inbox of your potential prospects. Project your credibility, accountability, and real-time proofs to build trust and make them feel you are the best. Blend it with your values and USP for the best impact.

The persuasion triggering pattern of presentation is a better option to keep your prospects actionable towards business.

Purchase Decision

The concluding stage involves pulling the trigger. Showcase positive testimonials to push the customer towards action. Present case studies with different customer profiles to convince a prospect that you suit him the best.

Post-purchase behavior

It is highly important to make a satisfied customer leave a positive review or a product recommendation. Sharing post-purchase experiences can play a critical role in the purchase decision process.

An effective marketing funnel helps you pick out the core reasons for a weak performance, ranging from technical errors to the gap between your ad and landing page, or something else. Each of these can increase your bounce rate, which lowers the conversion rate. Fixing up these identified leaks can help you go a long way in no time!

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As technology is handy and the internet has become a necessity, Social media networking, as a full-blown digital marketing tool, empowers digital marketing. Proficient Digital marketing through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. can expand the business quickly and efficiently. Stay competent to the dynamic & evolving trends in social media with the corresponding marketing strategies.

Strategize according to the finalized goals

  • Have a brainstorming session with the complete team
  • Finalize your business goals
  • Focus on the goals and plan business strategies
  • Consider the dynamic trends in social networking platforms
  • Discuss and conclude on the type of content, and how often you post in social media platforms
  • Do not absorb adverts mindlessly, focus to be part of the communication
  • Be clear about what you want, and make it clear you expect a response
  • Give a personable feel to your business

Before finalizing the strategies, carefully analyze different social media platforms, their pros and cons, compare the prices, potential reach, targeting options, and formats.

Be authentic and share moments that matter

2019 is going to be the year of authenticity in social media. Those who win to present themselves authentically, are certainly going to win the focus. Focus on true and inspiring stories to make your prospects and visitors feel irresistible. Ensure more conversions through social media by

  • Less technical details
  • More raw and intimate stories
  • Presentation from the customer’s perspective than the brand perspective
  • Amplify the positive signals by repurposing the successful contents (video to the blog, blog into an article, etc)

Make use of the right tools

Utilize the best available social media tools to schedule your content across multiple social networking platforms for a month. Apart from the huge benefits like saving a lot of time and manual work, you can oversee the post analytics, create monthly reports to follow a data-driven & more promising approach, and track your links as well. Some of the suggested social media optimization tools are, Hootsuite, MeetEdgar, IFTTT, etc.

Include videos

Videos are going to be a promising trend in 2019. Businesses, brands, and marketers need to have specific video strategy like

  • Live Video
  • Vertical video
  • Interactive video
  • Smartphone-quality videos
  • Video Remarketing

Develop a short video of 30-60 seconds with a human touch that can be used in various social networking channels. Remember to put your best step forward in the first ten seconds to convey the idea to the largest possible group of viewers. Set perfect goals for your video.

Make the most use of blog posts

Blogs are excellent tools to enhance your social networking efforts. Update your status with the new blog posts to grab the chance of BRINGING PEOPLE BACK to your website. Demonstrate your KNOWLEDGE IN THE INDUSTRY through the blogs and project them to the RIGHT PEOPLE, AT THE RIGHT TIME. Incorporate the SHARE BUTTON to ensure an effortless sharing. MENTION OTHER RELATED PEOPLE AND BUSINESSES that they share your content and mention you in return. Also, stick on scientifically proven tips to create a COMPELLING BLOG POST.

Incorporate audio

Marketing is more of a visual and interaction based these days. Hence it is important to include compelling audios to your website. Structure the audios to stay unique and better connected with your audience.

  • Make the most use of audio tweets
  • Record client testimonials
  • CEO message to greet the audience
  • Background score to the website
  • Record blog posts to satisfy visitors preferring podcasts
  • Make your brand more personalized

You can organize your content and plan the promotional campaigns with the help of content calendars. Plan and implement the above strategies to stay ahead of the fierce digital marketing competition. We cannot list out the complete strategies as it varies from business to business. Correlate with the nature of your business before implementing these strategies for the best results. Please join our training school for more insights into the topic.

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Increase, maintain, and bolster your business campaign results with these top tips to stay adapted to the dynamic nature of PPC advertising. Have a discerning eye towards the environment shift to reassess your strategies and stay ahead of the competition curve.

Audience rise, setting aside the keywords

Audient’s intent is being prioritized to the keywords to meet the expectation of the audience rather than listing the ads.

“The key to success in 2019 and beyond will be to create a detailed strategy of the various audience types and audiences lists and how you can layer them (with positive and negative bid types) to shape your paid search strategy.”

Christi Olson, Head of Evangelism for Search, Microsoft.

Some effective tips to stay adhered to the user intent is,

  • Spent more time to create and optimize customer segments
  • Draft relevant and more personalized ads
  • Stick on to developing comprehensive funnel strategies

However, in no way, the importance of keywords can go out of the frame. Framing a PPC approach featured by the layering of keyword strategies and audience targeting has become imperative for the best outcomes. Paid search audience targeting is a comprehensive solution to both keyword issues and audience issues.

Call To Actions

2019 is going to witness a smarter call to action strategy. Implementing CTA will come out of its traditional patterns to grab more conversions.

Stick on to the following tips while you finalize your call to action.

  • Go for well-crafted Call to Action
  • Include an action/emotion
  • Pierce into the sub-conscious mind of the customer
  • Be short and crisp
  • Follow a direct and instructive
  • Shape it towards your business goals

Mobile PPC

Mobile PPC has become an essential component of PPC during this digital era. The smartphone users are consistently shooting up for the past few years and this ensures the larger search volume with small screen devices.

Stick on to

  • Mobile friendly websites
  • Mobile optimized landing pages
  • Smartphone user targeted purchase process
  • Optimize PPC for the progressively increasing mobile audience
  • Implement mobile speed optimization techniques for user engagement
  • Do the testing to ensure and multiply the results


Remarketing, based on some key factors is going to be one of the potent trends in PPC 2019. Remarketing opens up the possibilities of reaching the visitors who did not make any impact on your website. Make the most use of this Google feature to increase revenue.

  • Displays targeted Ads to past visitors while they browse the web or watch YouTube videos
  • Remarketing keep your brand at the top of the mind influencing visitors to come back
  • Add a pice of remarketing code to existing google adverts
  • You can customize the code to different pages of your choice
  • Display your ads to users when they browse through the wide network of Google partner sites
  • Lower your cost per click as you target a narrowed stream of audience
  • Stay connected with your target audience even if they leave your site
  • Increased brand exposure
  • Build up the trust

Omnichannel strategies are essential

Multichannel advertising is advertising across multiple channels whereas omnichannel ensures a continuous and evolving multichannel marketing experience.

Omnichannel strategies can,

  • Reach the prospect again and again through different channels
  • Push the visitors through the marketing funnel more effectively
  • Omnichannel strategies can be implemented in many variations, with a final output to provide an integrated, uninterrupted user experience.

Analyze your multichannel and start working to integrate them in combination with special offers or content offerings to push the customers down the funnel from every stage of their interaction with your business.

Consider these emerging PPC trends into consideration and start implementing those which goes hand in hand with your brand. Do a thorough study of your business features and these PPC trends to choose the best fit for your business. Be future ready!

Feeling good upon implementing? Please share.

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