Guidelines To Increase School Admissions For The Academic Year 2020-21 With Digital Marketing

Are you the principal of a reputable school ? Do you think you are doing your best to get maximum admissions every year? Are you sure that your primitive marketing efforts giving you justified results? Or a school manager? Or a school owner?

I believe they are not! You might be getting a few new admissions every year, but that is not enough! You might get more admissions on spending the same amount on marketing, but “digital marketing”.

We are living in a digital era where everything is getting over the internet. Your school marketing strategies and efforts should also need to be digital. “Digital Marketing” is the latest version of advertisement and promotion. This new way of marketing will help you survive in the competition initially, and later make your place followed by a sure-shot win in the future.

Here I suggest you several important components of digital marketing which need to be covered while performing online marketing process. You need to understand the meaning and significance of each one of them to take maximum benefits. These components include:

Persona Identification

Sample Persona

Creating a school persona is an important step. In your case, persona means identifying your target audience depending upon the quality of your school. Understand the pain points of the parents/students and ways to motivate them to get/take admissions. Serve them with information on how your school environment can become beneficial to their children. Prepare marketing materials based on this and plan your admission campaign.

Design A Website For Your Visitors


Create a nice website, but before that, find out how a website can help you get more admissions. You will get inquiries, sign-ups and even phone calls if you are present over the Internet. You must create an informative website that is easy to navigate and mobile responsive at the same time. It must load quickly and give all required information that parents generally search on school websites.

Content Marketing

When it is about marketing then there is always content that works as a life support system of every marketing strategy. Periodic updates in the form of content, images, and videos will boost your credibility in search engines. Moreover, it will help parents to know you more, activities you generally involve your students in and how your school could be the best choice for their kids.


Search Engine Optimization - SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keywords play a most important role in your marketing efforts. You must know your target keywords and perform SEO based on those keywords so that parents can easily find your school website when they put a specific keyword. For example, “CBSE Schools in Kottayam”. This is an important way to increase traffic to your website.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

All the website visitors might not get their kids admitted in your school. You might get huge traffic, but all the visitors are not your customers. To get conversions, it is important to have Conversion Rate Optimization with clearly defined workflows or target them to take action.

Social Media

You have to be active on social media platforms with periodically updated contents in the form of texts, posts, infographics, audios, videos, etc.

Identify Your Customers’ Touch Points

These are the places from where your potential customers’ decision making may get influenced. This could be Google, social media platforms, or just a review platform of your business. Identify all these channels and upload relevant information about your brand on each one of them.


PPC campaigns are the most recommended ways to send the products and services to maximum people and attract potential customers among them.This may be Google or social media. You need an experienced and skilled PPC team that can read customer mind and actions and spend wisely on ads.

Database Creation

Next step is lead generation and nurturing. Bring them to website uploaded with quality content. Use landing pages addressing their problems and providing them apt solutions.


The most recommended way to engage your potential customers with your brand. Email automation & website automation are the best ways to do this.

Live chat or personal touch

This is the best way to handle a prospect that comes to the website. This has to be interactive so that your potential customer will get attracted to your brand and open ways for easy conversion.


Define which actions of the customers are your conversions. This may be in different ways:

  • A campus visit: This is possible only if you have in house counselors so that they will convert a student who visits your campus.
  • Admissions: A student taking admission. You can get avail service of digital agencies who undertake responsibility of admissions.

Importance of Mobile Accessibility

Mobile Accessibility

“Everything you share on your website, in fact even your website should be mobile optimized. People mostly access mobile devices to check any information. Therefore, your website should be mobile responsive. It should be convincing with high speed, good quality score and UX design elements”

Important Note:

All these things won’t work out overnight. For successful conversions, well-defined strategies require implementation and optimization period of min 6 months to one year.

Now you must have understood the significance of digital marketing for better promotion of your school. Apart from this, you will need an experienced marketing agency that can take this responsibility and perform all the important tasks on your behalf.

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