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Are you a dentist with a new dental clinic, searching for quality leads in 2024? Do you just opened your dental business and are clueless about the slow traffic? Do you think that despite better services and experience, you are unable to capture the right market share? This blog will give you an exact idea, why Dental Digital Marketing is necessary?

Dental clinic, just like any other business, has its shares of hardships to fight and conquer. Well, besides knowledge, skills, equipment, and experience, you need the power of the internet to make our dental business known to the target customer.

Digital marketing is the key survival strategy for any business including dental clinics. Stats suggest that over 37% of dental clinic businesses find it tough to find the right traffic and leads. Moreover, a higher rate of patients, over 77%, now use the internet to search for a reliable dental clinic. There are around 88% of Google searches that have the “near me” keyword.

If you aren’t into the digital marketing game yet, you certainly are losing on something big. However, it is still not late to get started with your dental clinic’s digital marketing with experts. 

1) Importance of brand building

“To get more business the No.1 thing which dentists need to do is concentrate more on the BRAND”.

a) Build your brand

 Initially, you should work on brand awareness, trust building, brand credibility and showcasing your expertise with the help of digital marketing. Building a brand is a long process but if you will do it with digital marketing you can see the results in less time. Digital marketing agencies work strategically by analyzing market trends and help your business grow by gaining the trust of your potential customers.

Dentistry is a need-based service sector, people will come to you only when they are completely aware of your clinic, your services, your experience, your expertise etc.

For example – If a person is looking for any dental services like cosmetic dentistry near me, the best teeth whitening service, and the best dentist near me and your clinic is coming in the search results user will think that this dental clinic is best in my area and will put up an enquiry.

But before this, you have to convince Google that your clinic is best in that area then only you will be shown on top search results. To convince Google you should have a highly functional & informative website, strong local SEO, well-optimized social media channels and content marketing.

b) Dentists should know about their target area

Knowledge of the exact targeted area is very important otherwise you will end up wasting your time, effort and money. In metro cities the targeted area can be up to 3-4 km, in rural areas this can be up to 10 km. But deciding targeted areas can be determined on many factors such as competition in the market, locality etc.

2) Mistakes dentists generally do when it comes to digital marketing

Dental marketing mistakes

In this digital era where all necessary information is available on the internet, we usually think that by doing some research, I can do digital marketing for our business. But the fact is very different, digital marketing doesn’t work in that way. Here we are showcasing some mistakes which dentists generally make.

a) With research on youtube & google I can make a website for my dental clinic 

Website is a prime requirement for any business, but it can be made with some basic research is a pure misconception. No doubt there are many tools and materials available on the internet, but when it comes to actually designing a marketing-ready website which can generate business is a tricky job.


You need a well-experienced digital marketing agency in this area. Because there are many technical & non-technical activities an agency has to do. They can craft a high-quality functional website for you. You can expect more quality leads and a great conversion with a website which is graphic-rich, informative, user-engaging, user-friendly and eye-catching.

b) Not aware of importance of local SEO

Will you ever visit a clinic which you have never heard of before? The answer is NO.

Local SEO is one of the strongest tools to get business from your local area. But most people are not aware of this, they think local SEO is not important. But the fact is with the help of a structured local SEO strategy you can rank your website and GMB on the top search results. 

Let us understand the importance of local SEO in a live situation. 

Imagine – On one side there are ten people, on the other side there are ten dental clinics and in the middle Google. Those people are asking Google which is the best dental clinic. Here, the work of local SEO starts. Based on your SEO activities Google shows the best dental clinics in that area.

80% of clicks go to top-ranking dental clinic profiles

So, to rank on top results you have to convince Google.

Local SEO again includes many technical and non-technical things which an experienced digital marketer can do. 

  • Optimising GMB (Google my business) 
  • Strategically add targeted keywords to your website
  • Optimize meta title & description and so on.
  • On-page, off-page and technical SEO.
  • Optimizing social media channels.

Ignoring SEO & local SEO is the worst mistake you can make. With a deep market analysis digital marketing agencies prepare SEO plans which can benefit your business.

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c) Not using social media channels properly

Most of the time people think publishing posts on social media is social media marketing. But posting is just a part of it. Using social media channels properly needs a lot of experience & expertise. 

Expecting medical professionals to do all this is not fair. That’s why you should hire a professional who can craft a social media marketing strategy and work accordingly. Using social channels properly includes-

  • Finding what type of content their target audience likes, gets more engagement. 
  • Content formats 
  • Create a strategy that increases social media engagement and motivates them to get converted
  • Optimizing social media channels
  • Including keywords to bio
  • Adding services to business page
  • Adding keywords to post content etc.
importance of social media for dental marketing


d) Misconception about google ads and social media ads

Another misconception in the market is that to run the ads, “I just have to add some budget in Google or social media channels and automatically lead flow will start”. But actually, to start an ad first you have to create a plan, define your audience, set up a budget and most importantly keep an eye on your campaign.

But as a medical professional, you have to concentrate more on your work, the best way to get a good return on your budget is to seek help from digital marketing professionals. Here are certain benefits you can get while approaching an agency –

  • They will create a plan
  •  Based on current trends they will decide which service should be promoted.
  •  Adding relevant keywords
  •  Fix targeted audience
  •  Optimize your budget
  •  Optimize the campaigns as per day-to-day results

e) Ignoring strategy

Dental marketing strategy

Among all the tools and tactics, there is one important thing “STRATEGY”. If dental digital marketing strategy is ignored you are lagging at the main area. Doesn’t matter how much research you have done about digital marketing but if you are not paying attention to strategy then everything will just be a waste of time & effort.

This is the place where you need an experienced dental digital marketing agency. Strategy creation & implementation is a thing which you can not learn by watching some videos. This comes after- 

  • Years of experience
  • Understanding of market trends
  • Developing new ideas continuously 
  • Understanding of the project closely.

3) Does my dental clinic actually need a dental digital marketing service?

Dental patients are very considerate about choosing a dentist, until and unless it is an emergency. They aren’t in a hurry and take their time to research for a reliable dentist. They seek referrals from their family and friends. Not to mention, they take the internet route, searching ‘best dentist near me” or “best dentist in (location)”.  Another effective approach to search for a dentist is to search on different social media platforms as well as YouTube.

Digital marketing facts for dentists.

If you do not have an effective dental digital marketing strategy, high Goggle search engine ranking, impressive social media presence, and a lead-catching website, your chances of catching the user’s attention are negligible. This means that attracting new patients to your business is tough to achieve the target.

As an expert dentist, you spend your time treating your patients with utmost care. But, what when you do not have new patients to treat? You may feel extremely helpless when it comes to the marketing of your dental business. Moreover, with digital marketing becoming the most effective tool, things may appear more complex than ever. So, what do you do to get new patients for your business? Well, trusting an expert digital marketing service provider is the smartest decision to make.

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Need dental digital marketing service to get more patients?

4) Benefits of dental digital marketing

Dental Digital Marketing helps dental clinics succeed online. Dentists can leverage the skills, knowledge, and experience of digital marketers to expand their business and attract more patients. Here are some proven benefits of digital marketing for dental clinics:

Expert digital marketers take your competitors into account when researching the various aspects of digital marketing for the dental business. The digital approaches taken by your competitors can help you define your success strategy.

benefits of dental marketing
benefits of dental marketing

a) Dental digital marketing is less expensive

If you are able to get hold of a credible online marketing services for dentists, you can get digital marketing for dental clinics at a very budget-friendly price. The dental digital marketing service is designed around your needs and hence they fit in your financial planning perfectly.

b) More effective

Professional digital marketers understand the pain points of your business and can work around them to achieve the ultimate business goal- more patients for the business. When customized for your business needs, digital marketing service creates distinctive results.

c) Easy to measure work

From social media response to visitors on your website and clicks on Google SERPs, there are several ways that we can measure the result garnered by the digital marketing service. 

d) Learn from competitors

Expert digital marketers take your competitors into account when researching the various aspects of digital marketing for the dental business. The digital approaches taken by your competitors can help you define your success strategy.

e) Target the exact audience

The most important benefit of digital marketing is that it identifies your target audience and ensures that the message is delivered. You can connect with the right audience and ensure that you get the best response.

5) Proven dental digital marketing strategies

Digital marketing service providers are experts and they read and understand your business model to offer you the best digital marketing strategy to achieve your business objectives and goals. There are some proven digital marketing approaches for dental clinics that help them the most. This include:

a) Get a high-quality functional website

An attractive and functional website is your first step towards starting your online presence. It is a virtual address where your patents can find you, 24×7. With a website, you can achieve a range of business objectives such as:

  • Allow patients to book appointments
  • Allow patients to check services offered
  • Showcase review & testimonials
  • Provide online bill payment facilities
  • Provide online chat assistance for effective communication
  • Provide max information about the clinic, dentist, and services

Stats suggest that 90% of users judge a business as per the quality of the website. If the website is graphic-rich, informative, user-engaging & user-friendly, and eye-catching, you can expect more quality leads and great conversion.

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Want to grow your dental clinic in terms of revenue?

b) Optimize your GMB profile

Google My Business profile is your digital business card. It has all the crucial information about your business and a key requisite to qualify as a Google credible business. With a digital marketing service provider you can:

  • Add appointment link
  • Give latest contact details
  • Provide photos of clinic & staff
  • Provide photos of “HAPPY CUSTOMERS”
  • Showcase your reviews and ratings

c) Local SEO

Local SEO is one of the most recommended digital marketing strategies to target a wider range of audiences. Google rates Local SEO as a crucial way to market your business online in your local community. Most of the searches on Google are associated with search phrases- “best dentist near me” or “best dentist in (location)”. You can establish your business as a friendly local dental clinic that is easy to access and trust.

Benefits of SEO

d) Content marketing

Content marketing is a very wide concept and includes several forms of content creation. The ultimate goal is to offer information to the patients, attract and convert them. Keyword-rich, Search Engine Optimized content helps businesses attract users by placing your content on higher SERPs. Content marketing is a great way to:

  • Offer health tips
  • Share latest dental news and information
  • Educate your patients about common dental problems
  • Give small solutions, remedies, etc.

e) Social Media Marketing

The user engagement on different social media platforms knows no bound. With an effective social media marketing strategy, you can easily target a wide range of customers and direct them to your business.  Social Media Marketing helps you with effective Organic marketing and Inorganic marketing.

  • You can share information about your business
  • Create infographics and share
  • Post video tutorials, testimonials and answers
  • Create social media ads

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f) Video marketing

Video marketing is the most effective way to connect and communicate with your target audience. With video content creation, you can show your patients your dental procedures and patient testimonials. You can make a more effective presentation of your skills and professionalism. 

Video marketing is the best way to:

  • Showcase patients testimonials
  • Educational videos
  • Dental procedures

g) PPC

Pay per Click is a great approach to boost your search engine ranking. With PPC, you can establish your lead-generating content and CTAs on top of SERPs. With the help of competitive keywords and expert placement, you can easily connect with your target audience.

h) Email marketing

Email Marketing is yet another practice to reach your target audience. You can create a rich database of customer emails and send them emails. The emails can be informative, educating the patients about your existing practice, services offered, new offers and discounts, new service, and more.  A personalized email can garner great results.

email marketing for dentists

6) How graffiti9 can help dental clinic owners

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At graffiti9, we are a team of highly trained & dedicated professionals who work towards “YOUR BUSINESS GOALS”.

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7) FAQs

a) Do I need help from a digital marketing agency?

Just like you are a dental practice expert, a digital marketing agency knows digital concepts the best. You need a digital marketing agency to help you achieve great online visibility, attract and convert leads and expand your business using proven digital marketing strategies.

b) Do I really need a website for my clinic?