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The use of offline media channels to create awareness of a company’s products, services, and brand is a thing of the past. There is a significant shift towards online marketing methods like digital marketing that is mushrooming so fast. The reason behind the increasing use of digital marketing techniques in the pandemic condition that has badly affected the world. Not only individuals but small or medium enterprises have also been severely affected due to Covid-19 and country lockdown. People have a fear of going out for shopping and getting infected. They don’t want to visit the local market, malls, restaurants, hotels, and all those places that can be a hotspot for virus spread. Moreover, they are now familiar with online shopping and home delivery which is helping them in fulfilling their daily needs.

The current pandemic situation has forced several small businesses to pause their operations. But they cannot continue like this as the Covid-19 pandemic is indefinite and everyone has to learn to live their lives and do their work with this disease. Now, with the ease provided by the authorities, it is the right time to give a kick start to your old business in a completely new way. Because the competition is less and demand is going to be high, you can be a new king of your business niche. Though the biggest challenge at this time is a lack of resources, you cannot let limited resources affect your customers’ needs. Digital marketing can give numerous benefits to small businesses.

But make sure you don’t compromise with the necessary precautions and safety guidelines recommended by the experts while interacting with your customers. You are good to go, let’s find out how!

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the highly used digital marketing channel during the lockdown. People used it day and night and now have become more habitual to it. So, using social media platforms is a good way to start your brand awareness. You need to be very specific while sharing content on your social profiles focusing more on advanced targeting options like age group, location, area, gender, profession, and many more. Location-based social marketing will let you reach more and more customers and also engage the existing customer.

Google My Business

If your SME doesn’t have Google My Business Page yet, then there is nothing more damaging than this COVID might have made to your business. GMB allows:

  • You appear in maps and local pack listings.
  • People leave reviews of your business.
  • Insights that give you helpful information.
  • Local people know about your business
  • You to manage the online presence of your business on Google easily and free of cost.
  • You post products/services related pictures, videos, and reviews.
  • Enhance the credibility & visibility of your business.

Google Adwords

Adwords is the clickable ads that appear in Google searches. Using Google Adwords at this time can be beneficial as competition is low and you can reach new customers without even a website or social media/online presence. Google Ads can help you by increasing your Google search for your products or services. This means your business will show this presence on Google Search engine results.  

Content Marketing

Content is a “King” and it will always be. It’s your time to make the best use of content marketing as it acts as your online salesperson 24/7. You can help your customers by sharing relevant content informing how your product solves customers’ problems. This will help you generate more leads and prospects. Content marketing helps you reach your prospects and keep those individuals away that cannot be your customer. Sharing product manual, product detailing and other product-related information could prove useful. Also, you can guide them on how they use your service during this pandemic situation.

Email marketing

Get in touch with your existing customers and inform them how you have changed yourself with the changing time (i.e. coronavirus). Share new offers, deals, or discounts you are offering to your prospects to convert them to your customers. Also, opt for email segmentation where you divide your email subscribers into smaller segments based on set criteria. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can categorise your customers on the basis of their food choices like veg or non-veg. You can further segment them on the basis of cuisine they like – Indian, Chinese, Mughlai, etc. 

Search engine optimization

SEO is and has always been an important aspect of digital marketing. Those who are recently switching to online would need to understand the significance of SEO for their business. SEO will help you build brand awareness, generate potential leads, and convert them to customers without spending a single penny. No matter how difficult the situation is, SEO has always worked and helped businesses differently.


Digital Marketing is a need of time for small businesses. It can help them get out of losses caused in pandemic conditions. Follow the right digital marketing strategies or take the help of a digital marketing agency that can create a fresh marketing plan keeping in mind changing consumer behaviour and current marketing demands.